Rose Dragon


Here we have a 3D Printed Rose Dragon.  As with all of our dragons, this fully articulates throughout the body and also in the legs.  This is a beautiful model with accents of thorns and roses throughout the spine.  Looking closer, there are thorns on the legs as well.  Lastly, at the tail, there is are the beginnings of a new rose petal growing.  Looks beautiful and could be a special gift for mom on Mother’s Day or your sweetheart on Valentine’s day.

The 21 inch body has a nice hearty feel to it. All together, this is a beautiful dragon in the rose theme.

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  • Articulated body and legs
  • Beautiful Rose Theme Detail
  • 3D Printed in Bio-Degradable PLA


  • Large: 21 inches long
  • Medium:  18 inches long

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