Celestial Spiked Dragon


Unleash the majesty of the cosmos with our articulated Celestial Spiked Dragon. Crafted with precision and care, this stunning piece captures the essence of a mythical creature that has roamed the celestial realms since the dawn of time. Each scale is meticulously detailed, reflecting the shimmering hues of the night sky, while the imposing spikes echo the piercing stars above.

Design Excellence: The Celestial Spiked Dragon boasts a beautiful and unique design with an impressive stance that captures the essence of its mythical inspiration. The dragon’s prance is a testament to its articulated construction, allowing for a dynamic display.

Striking Features: Adorning its body are large, meticulously crafted spikes, symbolizing the dragon’s majestic power. These spikes run along the entire length of the dragon, from the tip of its snout to the end of its tail, creating a stunning visual impact.

Customizable Claws: Each Celestial Spiked Dragon comes with a choice of white, silver, or black claws, allowing you to personalize your dragon to your taste. Select your preferred claw color to add a personal touch to this magnificent creature.

Complimentary Mini Eggs: As a token of our appreciation, each Celestial Spiked Dragon includes two complimentary mini eggs, perfect for completing your mythical ensemble. These eggs serve as a charming addition, enhancing the storytelling element of your display.

SIZE: L: 19in x W: 6in x H: 2.75in

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