Mech Dragon


This is a Mech Dragon and a rather large one measuring all the way up to 28 inches.  While in the sitting position it stands 6 inches high.

It features a hole in the back of the throat where the tongue is positioned.  It can be removed and the mouth opens and closes and holds positions.

The detail on this model is very technical and appreciated.  Some of the highlights are the mech scales on each joint that stand out very well and they are clean.  It then has the flames rising up from each part of the spine/body that have a nice swirl to them.

The dragon is printed in two colors, a base and a highlight color.  For reference, the base in the pictures is mostly black all-around.

One of our favorites.

Comes with three mini eggs of the chosen color.

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  • Articulated body and legs
  • 2 Color Combination
  • Sturdy design, designed to be heavy and weighty.
  • Highest quality filament and print settings used.

Measures: 28 inches long (25″ body, 3″ tongue/flame)

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