Dark Heart Dragon


Introducing the Dark Heart Dragon.  Hearts are abundant with this one! It has small hearts on the legs and face.

Throughout the tail, there are hearts on each joint with a nice pattern on top.  The tail has a heart that spins surrounded by a big heart.

In the main body there are hearts perturbing up.  It’s just beautiful.

We offer two sizes.  The standard size and then a long tail size.  The standard takes 26 hours to print and the long tail takes over 30 hours.

Comes with three eggs in the color chosen.

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  • Articulated body and legs
  • 2 Color Combination
  • Sturdy design, designed to be heavy and weighty.
  • Highest quality filament and print settings used.


  • Standard: 21 inches long
  • Long Tail: 28 inches long
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