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Color Choice Galleries

Colors are difficult to imagine.  We try to name our colors in how they look, however, it still could use some visual explanation.  We’ve come up with a sample directory below where you can view different models and how they look printed in each filament color.  If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Click on the pictures below to see a gallery of prints for that color:

Glitter Black

Glitter Purple

Glitter Titanium Blue

Gradient Black-Blue

Gradient Black-Green

Gradient Black-Purple

Gradient Black-Red-Gold

Gradient Black-Red-Purple

Gradient Blue-Lt Blue

Gradient Blue-Yellow Pastel

Gradient Chameleon Purple

Gradient Earthy

Gradient Gold

Gradient Juicy Rainbow Pastel

Gradient Macaron Pastel

Gradient Military Rainbow

Gradient Orange-Red Metallic

Gradient Pink Flamingo Dual

Gradient Pink-Peach Matte

Gradient Purple-Green-Orange

Gradient Rainbow

Gradient Rainbow Metal

Gradient Red-Orange Fire

Gradient Red-Yellow Matte

Gradient Silver Forge Black

Matte Arctic Teal Pastel

Matte Blue-Green Gradient

Matte Blue-Purple Gradient

Matte Cappuccino Gradient

Matte Foggy Purple Dual

Matte Lavender Pastel

Matte Muted Blue Pastel

Matte Muted Purple Pastel

Matte Pink-Purple Gradient

Matte Rainbow Pastel Gradient

Matte Sakura Pink Pastel

Matte Slate Teal Pastel

Matte Unicorn Purple Gradient

Matte Winter Frost

Silk Blue

Silk Gradient Baby Rainbow

Silk Gradient Purple-Blue

Silk Gradient Purple-Green

Silk Purple

Silk Red

Silk Silver

Translucent Black-Blue

Translucent Black-Green

Translucent Black-Purple

Translucent Black-Red

Translucent Blue-Green

Translucent Blue-Red

Translucent Purple-Teal

Translucent-Silk Orange



White Marble