Crystal Wing Dragon Premium


Multicolor Crystal Wing Dragon, meaning you can choose a base color and then an accent color.  We use multicolor printers now that allow “painting” of parts of the model to give a beautiful effect.

The Crystal Dragon’s wings fold out and rotate 360 degrees.  Can be posed in normal position or if rotated, the wings can lock into place and stand tall and wide.  (See pictures) The body has very nice girth and beautiful ornate quartz crystals flow down the spine.

Very weighty and will stand strong wherever displayed. Looks great on our Dragon Display Stand.

Comes with three mini eggs of the chosen color.

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  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Wings Open / Close in 2 variations
  • Quartz Crystal Theme Throughout
  • Sturdy Weight, Fully Articulated


  • Standard: 19″ Length
  • Medium: 16″ Length

Pictured in:

  • Black & Matte Blue-Purple Gradient
  • Glitter Black & Silk Purple
  • Glitter Black & Silk Blue
  • Glitter Black & Gradient Chameleon Purple
  • Glitter Black & Gradient Red-Orange Fire
  • Glitter Black & Gradient Blue-Lt Blue
  • Black & Gradient Gold
  • Glitter Black & Silk Red
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