Crystal Wing Dragon Premium


Elevate your collection with the Crystal Wing Dragon Premium, a masterpiece of 3D printing artistry. Select from an array of base colors and accentuate with a secondary hue of your choice, utilizing our advanced multicolor printers that meticulously “paint” parts of the model for a stunning visual effect.

The Crystal Wing Dragon’s wings are a marvel of engineering, designed to unfold and rotate a complete 360 degrees. Position them as you wish or lock them into an impressive display, standing tall and wide for all to admire.

This dragon’s physique is robust, featuring a spine adorned with ornate quartz crystals that add a touch of elegance to its formidable girth. Its substantial weight ensures it remains a steadfast centerpiece in any setting, and it pairs beautifully with our Dragon Display Stand for an even more majestic presentation.

Included with your Crystal Wing Dragon Premium are three mini eggs, color-coordinated to complement your chosen palette, adding a personal touch to this exquisite creature.

Available Sizes:

  • Standard: A commanding presence at 19 inches in length.
  • Medium: A versatile size at 16 inches, perfect for various display options.

Pictured in:

  • Black & Matte Blue-Purple Gradient
  • Glitter Black & Silk Purple
  • Glitter Black & Silk Blue
  • Glitter Black & Gradient Chameleon Purple
  • Glitter Black & Gradient Red-Orange Fire
  • Glitter Black & Gradient Blue-Lt Blue
  • Black & Gradient Gold
  • Glitter Black & Silk Red

See Color Examples Here

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