EPIC Articulated Dragon



Printed with “Earthy” in the pictures.

Please note: The wings will be shipped detached and will need to be glued on.  You can use Crazy Glue or the ultimate of bonding for plastic that we use on our products: PLA Gloop.


17″ wingspan – Tip to Tip
12″ Ground to Top of Wings
17″ Nose to Tail (Standing)
10″ Ground to Top of Head
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This dragon will impress!  This dragon lives up to its name and is EPIC with impressive detail, stature and size.  It’s stands at a massive height of 12 inches with a wingspan is 17 inches.  The details on the different body parts are stunning starting at the tail, to the claw feet, to the arms, all the way up the wings to the pointy claws at the top of each wing.  It promises life-like realism and an awe-inspiring appearance.  Get ready for an epic enchantment and a huge conversation piece in your home!

The arms, legs, tail and head all articulate.  It can be posed in a sitting position as well.

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