Baby Crystal Wing Dragon


A baby version of our most popular winged dragon.  Introducing the Baby Crystal Dragon.

Crystals decorate everywhere!  The entire body, both legs the head and the wings articulate.  The wings can be rotated 360 degrees.

The dragon’s wings can be posed in two ways.  In the normal position, it sits relaxed.  If you rotate the wings 180 degrees, you can fold thing wings up (use two hands) and click the wing into place where it will hold in the up position.

It’s gorgeous and we provide you a color choice for the body, the eyes and the nails.

Comes with one egg in the color chosen.

Colors used in order pictured:  Gradient Blue-Lt Blue | Gradient Black-Red-Gold | Gradient Gold | gradient Orange-Red Metallic | Silk Gradient Purple-Green

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Size: 7.5″L x 5.25″W x 3.5″H

3D Printed in the highest quality Bio-Degradable PLA

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