Crystal Dragon


Discover the Enchantment of the Crystal Dragon

Unveil the splendor of the Crystal Dragon, our distinguished bestseller. This exquisite creation begins with an array of quartz-like stems that ascend gracefully from the head, reminiscent of mythical ears. The spine is adorned with a cascade of rigid, quartz-like crystals, culminating in a robust, club-like tail.

The dragon’s body, legs, and head feature articulated joints, allowing for dynamic poses.

The Crystal Dragon stands as a testament to uniqueness and fascination, making it an impeccable gift for any occasion. Whether you seek a whimsical, fun, and distinctive item, or wish to indulge a dragon enthusiast with a thoughtful and extraordinary present, the Crystal Dragon is unparalleled.

Each dragon arrives complete with colored eyes, fangs, and nails. Select your preferred body color, and we will will employ judgment to complement your choice with accents of silver, white, or black.

**If you have a preference for the eyes, nails and fangs, please leave a message in the Order notes area during checkout or just send us a message through our contact us form.


  • Large: 21″/ 8 oz.  |  Medium: 17.5″ / 5 oz.

Comes with one egg in the color chosen.

See Color Examples Here

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