Meet the Flexi Squirrel, a delightful 3D-printed companion that brings the whimsy of nature into your home without any of the mischief. Our Flexi Squirrel promises to be the perfect house guest, one that won’t nibble on your car wires or deplete your bird feeders.

This charming figurine boasts an articulated tail designed to mimic the graceful movements of its real-world counterpart. The feet feature a subtle articulation, allowing for a gentle wiggle that adds a touch of realism to this adorable creature. Poised in an upright stance, the Flexi Squirrel showcases its playful spirit and curious nature.

Available with a choice of green, blue, or brown eyes, each Flexi Squirrel can be customized to your preference, ensuring that it will be a unique addition to your collection or a thoughtful gift for someone special.

Size: L: 8in x W: 2in x H: 3in

3D Printed in Bio-Degradable PLA

**All colors are printed, not painted.

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