Rose Dragon Premium


A new addition to the 3D printed premium model selection here is the Rose Dragon Premium.

This is a beautifully detailed dragon all brought to life with multiple colors.  It is a strong, weighty dragon as with all of our premium models and uses high quality, strong filament to last for years to come.   It fully articulates throughout the body and all four legs.  It has accents of thorns and roses throughout the spine and on the legs.  Lastly at the tail, there is are the beginnings of a new rose petal growing.

21 inch body length.  This one took a while to get everything colored correctly, but we LOVE the end-result.

The Red dragon is printed with “Glitter Black” and “Red Silk”.
The White dragon is “Glitter Black” with “White Silk”.

** You will have to let us know if you want the roses down the back of the model to be Color 1 or Color 2 from your selections.  IE: If you choose Glitter Black (Color1), and Silk Red (Color2) and you would like it to look like Red dragon in the pictures, you would choose Color 1, which would be Glitter Black so the Roses are Glitter Black.

Comes with three eggs in the color chosen.

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