Flexi Lion: The Pinnacle of Playful Precision

Introducing the Flexi Lion, a charming representation of one of nature’s most majestic creatures. This 3D printed marvel is not just a toy; it’s a testament to the playful spirit and curiosity that the lion embodies.

Articulated Design for Dynamic Expression The Flexi Lion features articulated legs and a flexible tail, allowing for a range of movements that capture the essence of a lion’s playful antics.

An Endearing Companion With its endearing expression and sentimental value, the Flexi Lion is more than just a figure—it’s a companion that brings joy and playfulness to your space. It’s a reminder of the happiness and curiosity that life has to offer.

Color Variations We currently offer one color and are open to customer feedback for future enhancements. Should you desire a personalized touch, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance in creating a lion model with colors that perfectly suits your preferences.

Measures: 7″L (nose to tail) x 2″W x 4″H (width laying down with feet out is 4.5″)

3D Printed in Bio-Degradable PLA

**All colors are printed, not painted.

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