Sea Turtle


Introducing the Flexi Sea Turtle: An Adorable and Articulate Aquatic Companion

Dive into the charming world of the Flexi Sea Turtle, a delightful 3D printed creation that brings the wonders of the ocean into your home. This endearing sea turtle is designed with fully articulating head, front, and rear legs/fins, allowing for a range of playful poses and interactions.

A Favorite Among Fans: Beloved for its adorable design, the Flexi Sea Turtle has quickly become a fan favorite. Its friendly appearance and lifelike movements make it a perfect companion for all ages.

Bathtub-Friendly Fun: Not only is the Flexi Sea Turtle a joy to behold on shelves and desks, but it also floats, making bath time an adventure. Imagine the stories and games that can unfold with this buoyant buddy!

Discover Hidden Storage with the Turtle Box Collection: For those who adore the Flexi Sea Turtle and seek additional functionality, explore our larger Turtle Box or Tortoise Box. These variants feature a shell that opens to reveal a secret storage compartment, perfect for tucking away treasures and trinkets.

Embrace the charm of the Flexi Sea Turtle and let it bring a splash of joy to your daily routine. Whether displayed prominently or floating alongside you, this sea turtle is sure to be a treasured addition to your collection

Be sure to check out our larger Sea Turtle Box or Tortoise Turtle Box where the shell opens to reveal a storage area!

Colors Used: (in order, from the first single turtle picture)

Gradient Juicy Rainbow Pastel
Matte Rainbow Pastel Gradient
Silk Gradient Baby Rainbow
Gradient Green-Lime Green Pastel
Gradient Red-Yellow Matte
Gradient Blue-Yellow Pastel

See Color Examples Here

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