Manta Ray


Introducing the Flexi Manta Ray, a delightful addition to any collection, designed to capture the imagination with its playful yet sophisticated aesthetic. The model features a charming cartoon-inspired visage, complete with diminutive fangs that gently protrude from the front, paired with an endearing mouth expression.

The Flexi Manta Ray is adorned with an exquisite pattern across its dorsal surface, culminating in a gracefully crafted fin. This intricate detailing is a highlight of our design, emphasizing the elegance of the manta ray.

Innovation meets functionality with the Flexi Manta Ray’s wings, fins, and arms, which are engineered for full articulation. This allows the model to be positioned in various postures, from resting flat to an engaging upright stance, as if gazing back at the observer.

The tactile experience of the Flexi Manta Ray is unparalleled; it is designed to provide a comforting sensory interaction, fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Size:  L 7.5in x W  6.5in x H  1in

3D Printed in the highest quality Bio-Degradable PLA

See Color Examples Here

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