Crocheted Octopus


Introducing the Crocheted Flexi Octopus, a delightful and innovative sensory toy designed to provide comfort and engagement. This charming octopus is expertly crafted to fit comfortably in a child’s hand, making it an ideal companion for those seeking to calm restlessness or occupy busy fingers.

The design exudes whimsy and charm, available in a spectrum of vibrant colors that enhance its playful appearance. Each of the eight arms is thoughtfully articulated with five joints, allowing for fluid movement and a range of expressive poses.

Moreover, the Crocheted Flexi Octopus doubles as an interactive finger puppet, offering additional play value and versatility. When not actively engaged, it can be positioned in various stances, adding a decorative touch to any space.  These octopuses also serve as exceptional sensory toys, providing comfort and stress relief. Their size is perfectly suited for children’s hands, offering a playful solution to keep fidgeting at bay.

Embrace the unique blend of style and functionality with our Crocheted Flexi Octopus, a toy that’s as visually appealing as it is soothing to the touch.

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Size:  W: 6.5″ x H: 2.25″
Weight: 2.4oz / 62g

See Color Examples Here

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