Cobra with Pencil Cup Stand


lexi Cobra with Pencil Cup Stand: A Blend of Function and Flexibility

Introducing the Flexi Cobra, an innovative 3D printed creation that marries the allure of a serpentine sculpture with the practicality of a pencil holder. This piece is not merely a stationary object; it is a statement of design and versatility.

Serpentine Elegance The Flexi Cobra is a marvel of articulation, stretching an impressive 32 inches in length. Each joint is meticulously crafted to offer ultra-flexibility, allowing the cobra to coil in lifelike poses around the accompanying pencil cup stand.

A Stand That Stands Out The pencil cup serves a dual purpose: it is both a functional container for your writing instruments and a display stand for the Flexi Cobra. The snake elegantly wraps around the cup, transforming it into a captivating centerpiece for any desk or workspace.

Striking Visuals While the eyes of the Flexi Cobra are not depicted in the product images, rest assured they will be colored in a striking black, enhancing the realistic appearance of this reptilian replica.

Independent and Adaptable The Flexi Cobra stands as an independent entity from the pencil cup, allowing you to choose how to display this exquisite piece. Whether entwined with the stand or showcased separately, the Flexi Cobra is sure to command attention and admiration.

Size: Snake: L 32in  |  Base: Radius 4in x H: 3in

3D Printed in the highest quality Bio-Degradable PLA

Pictured In: Black Base with Translucent Red-Black and Gradient Black-Purple

See Color Examples Here

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