Baby Western Wyvern


We are proud to present the Flexible Western Wyvern, a meticulously crafted model that exudes charm and intricate detailing. This delightful representation of mythical elegance is currently available in a duo of captivating colors, with an expanded palette forthcoming.

The Baby Western Wyvern is designed with interactive articulation, allowing for a variety of dynamic poses:

  • Legs: Fully articulated to capture both standing and sitting positions.
  • Head: Engineered to rotate a complete 360 degrees, offering diverse expressions.
  • Wings: Constructed to tilt and rotate, enabling the creation of ultimate winged stances.
  • Tail: Features four joints for fluid, lifelike movement.

This enchanting model is more than a static figure; it is an interactive piece that invites engagement and sparks the imagination. We invite you to explore the versatility and beauty of our Flexible Baby Western Wyvern.

We currently offer a selection of variations and are open to customer feedback for future enhancements. Should you desire a personalized touch, contact us for assistance in creating a Baby Western Wyvern model that perfectly suits your preferences.

Size: H: 4.5″ x W: 7″ (wingspan) / 2.5″ (body) x L: 5.5″ (head to tail) Weight: 82g

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