Baby Clover Dragon


Introducing the Baby Clover Dragon: A Whimsical Companion

Discover the charm of the Baby Clover Dragon, a delightful miniature version of our full-sized Four Leaf Clover Dragon. This enchanting creature is a treasure trove of detail, with a clover-themed design that captures the imagination.

Printed in a Translucent Black Green, the Baby Clover Dragon is a marvel of 3D printing technology, boasting smooth articulation that allows it to curl and flex with ease. It’s an ideal companion for fidgeting hands or for adding a touch of magic to your personal space—be it on a desk, nestled among plants, perched on a shelf, or basking on a sunny window ledge.

Each joint—from the head, through the serpentine body, to the delicate legs—is fully articulated, enabling a myriad of playful poses that bring this mythical being to life.

As a special touch, every Baby Clover Dragon comes with a small egg, hinting at the birth of new enchantments and adventures.

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  • Body: 7.5 inches (head to tail)
  • Weighs about 2 oz.

See Color Examples Here

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