Skeleton Crocodile with Top Hat


Check out the Top Hat Skeleton Crocodile Premium, a cool 3D-printed crocodile skeleton that’s all dressed up. It’s got a top hat and tuxedo, making it look like it’s ready for a fancy event. We print it in four cool colors where each one fades from black into blue, green, purple, or red.

Key Points:

  • Dressed-Up Skeleton: A crocodile skeleton that looks like it’s going to a fancy party.
  • Color Choices: You can pick from four awesome colors that blend from black to another color.
  • Fun to Display: This crocodile is a great piece to show off in your room or to give to someone who loves unique things.

This crocodile isn’t just another toy; it’s a fun decoration that’ll get people talking and add some personality to your space.

Size: L: 17.5in x W: 7in x H: 2.5in

See Color Examples Here

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