Puppy Dog


Discover the Flexi Puppy Dog: A Delightful Synthesis of Design and Playfulness


  • Expressive Detailing: Each Flexi Puppy Dog boasts an adorable visage, complete with eyes that mirror the chosen hue of its dog tag—available in vibrant Green or serene Blue.
  • Dynamic Poses: With the ability to sit or stand, this versatile figurine adapts to your display preferences, offering a lively presence in any setting.
  • Articulated Movement: Experience the delight of interaction with articulated limbs and a five-joint tail, meticulously designed to emulate the playful wagging of a real puppy’s tail.


  • In Standing Pose: Length: 4 inches | Width: 2.5 inches | Height: 4 inches
  • In Sitting Pose: Length: 6 inches | Width: 5 inches | Height: 2.5 inches

Crafted for both play and display, the Flexi Puppy Dog is a testament to the joy that a well-designed figurine can bring. Its fluffy tail and articulated legs promise endless moments of fun, making it a cherished addition to any collection.

Color Variations We currently offer one color variation and two eye colors.  Should you desire a personalized touch not currently offered, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can work with you to create a Flexi Puppy Dog that perfectly suits your preferences.


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