Mushroom Birdhouse


Here we have an adorable 3D printed mushroom birdhouse.  This enchanting bird house adds a touch of magic to any garden or backyard. Crafted from PLA plus materials, it provides a cozy and safe shelter for your feathered friends. The intricate details of the mushroom design make it a delightful focal point, while the interior ensures birds feel right at home. Hang this delightful bird house outdoors to a tree and watch as it attracts a variety of bird species, bringing joy and nature’s beauty to your surroundings.

This mushroom is printed in multiple colors.  Choose the top color and a color for the door and window.

Included are (4) M4x10mm and a mounting bar.   The mushroom top is removable.  It can be glued if desired, but we leave that up to you in case you want to clean it in between seasons.

Charming Design.  Safe For Birds.  Extremely Unique.  Easy to Install.


8″ W x 8″L x 8.75″H

  1. Attach the mounting bar by screwing the 4 M4x10mm bolts through the bottom of the mounting bar into the bottom of the birdhouse.
  2. Shave off any large bark pieces on the tree where you choose to mount the birdhouse.
  3. Use a screw gun with 2″ or higher screws and mount the birdhouse.
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