Imperial Dragon Premium


This is the Imperial Dragon Premium.  Each unique part has been individually colored for maximum effect.  The premium version comes in two colors, has added weight and take 36 hours to print.

The dragon articulates through the body.  The detail on the feet is taken from a hawk or an eagle’s feet and is superb.  Color shifts when using multi-color filament flow beautifully and the transitions are amazing in the pictures.

The model can be laid flat or posed in the way shown in the pictures.  There are locking mechanisms on the joints in the neck area before the legs and also between the two sets of legs that make it easy to pose standing up and/or the hump behind it.  Alternatively, it can be unlocked and laid flat.  There are a variety of poses to choose from.

Please choose your Base, Top and Accent color:

Base will be what is shown in black (the body). (see pictures)
Top: will be the flares, the facial hair, the feet and the belly.
Accent: color will color the all of the teeth, eyes, nails and the tail accent.

Comes with three eggs in the color chosen.

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  • Articulated/ Locking Joints
  • Pose Flat or Pose Standing Up
  • 3D Printed in Bio-Degradable PLA


  • Body: L: 26″ x W: 6″ x H: 2.25″ (Assembled height is 6.5″)
  • Weighs about 7 oz.
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