Elephant Set


Introducing the Flexi Circus Elephant Set from Flexi Factory: a charming and interactive addition to any collection that brings the wonder of the circus into your home.

Elegantly Designed for Entertainment and Interaction:

  • Versatile Articulation: Our Flexi Elephant is engineered to perform a variety of tricks, from balancing on its front legs atop the included ball to sitting adorably with its front legs raised.
  • Dynamic Postures: With the ability to stand, sit, or lay down on all fours, this elephant offers endless possibilities for play and display.
  • Animated Features: The elephant’s ears, legs, and trunk are all fully articulated, allowing for lifelike movements that captivate and delight.

All three sizes include:

  • (1) Flexi Elephant
  • (1) Two Foot Slotted Balance Ball


  • Large: 7″ (nose to tail) x 5″w x 3″h
  • Medium: 6″ (nose to tail) x 4″ x 2″h
  • Small: 5″(nose to tail) x 3″w x 1″h

See Color Examples Here

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