Elephant Set Premium


Deluxe Flexi Elephant & Ball: A Captivating Display of Balance and Beauty

Introducing the Deluxe Flexi Elephant & Ball, a charming and ingeniously designed piece that captures the heart with its playful antics. This delightful elephant is expertly weighted to perform an impressive array of tricks, including balancing on the accompanying ball with just its two front feet.

Crafted with a versatile range of postures, the elephant can adopt a seated position, stand tall, or even lie down on all fours, offering a variety of display options. The movable ears, legs, and trunk enhance the lifelike quality of this piece, allowing for dynamic and interactive poses.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Tricks: Weighted design for balance and performance.
  • Multiple Poses: Can sit, stand, or lie down, providing diverse display choices.
  • Articulated Movements: Fully movable ears, legs, and trunk for realistic animation.

This set includes the elephant and its perfectly fitted ball, as shown, creating a complete scene that is sure to enchant and delight.

7″L (nose to tail) x 5″w x 3″h

See Color Examples Here

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