Dune Striker Scorpion


  • Articulated body and legs
  • Tail joints click together to form scorpion arc
  • 3 sets of legs
  • 3D Printed in Bio-Degradable PLA
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This is an articulated Dune Striker. It is a unique scorpion-like dragon design that can be posed to strike. Use your imagination! It is super unique and my favorite of all the models from designer CinderWing3D. The The tail piece can be removed. The model lays down flat or each individual tail piece can be clicked into one another to create the great scorpion look. Totally awesome model. Great to hold and fidget with or display in your game room or arcade room. Definitely a unique gift for fantasy and sci-fi lovers.

  • Length: 18″ x W: 5″ x H: 2.5″ (Assembled height: 5.5″)
  • Weight: 8oz

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