Coral Reef Dragon


  • Articulated body and legs
  • Starfish & Coral details throughout
  • 3D Printed in Bio-Degradable PLA
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Looking for a beach or ocean themed dragon?  Here is an Articulating Coral Reef Dragon to serve that desire.

The head is gorgeous with a fine detailed coral arrangement and a unicorn like point on the forehead that is very well done. There is coral that runs all the way down the spine on each of the 3 sets of arm fins eventually leading to a multi-fin, dual articulating tail. The tail is decorated with coral as well and has a nice bone point in the center of the two articulating tail fin sections. The entire model articulates on 180 degree pivots.

Look closely and you’ll see starfish on the arm fins!

* Great gift for Parrot heads to take along to the next Jimmy Buffett concert.
* Great for beach houses, tropical environments.
* Great for your Zen room!

  • Body:
    • 19 inches (head to tail)
    • 7 inches wide
    • 2 inches height
  • Weighs about 7 oz.

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