Baby Forest Dragon (Bighead Theme)


Introducing our exquisite Baby Forest Dragon, a charming addition to any collection. This delightful model, inspired by the enchanting creatures of mythical woodlands, features intricate pinecone bark accents that capture the spirit of the forest.

Crafted with precision, our Baby Forest Dragon boasts a fully articulated design, allowing for dynamic poses that bring this mythical creature to life. From the head, through the serpentine body, down to the sturdy legs, each movement is fluid and natural.

Accompanying each Baby Forest Dragon is a miniature egg, symbolizing the birth of magic and wonder. This pairing invites storytelling and ignites the imagination, making it a perfect gift for enthusiasts of all ages.

Embrace the magic of the forest with our beautifully designed Baby Forest Dragon, a piece that promises to enchant and inspire.

Size: Body: 7 inches (head to tail) | Weight: 2 oz.

See Color Examples Here

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